Large wallscape advertisement located in Seattle, Washington.

Wallscape Advertising in Seattle

Larger than Life Advertisements in Prime Locations

Located in the heart of Seattle, Pacific Outdoor Advertising’s Wallscapes are an eye-catching advertising medium that will create a lasting impression on those enjoying the Northwest’s urban experience. Located on major freeways and highways, on commuter streets, and in downtown tourist and business districts, wall murals are custom-designed for high impact. Boasting spectacular landmark locations in Seattle, Wallscape outdoor advertising (also called mural advertising or wall advertising paintings) feature elaborate ads that are either painted or attached directly to exterior building surfaces. Our company offers Wallscapes in various sizes and executions available for short or long-term campaigns. Interested in how advertising on building walls can help your brand stand out and grow your business? Let’s chat about it!

What is Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscapes are big, bold canvases that command maximum attention and provide larger than life exposure, in high traffic areas and in key downtown neighborhoods. They are the largest and most unique kind of out of home advertising platform, often several times bigger than a traditional billboard. There are no standard size or format for a Wallscapes, since every wall is shaped differently. Most Wallscape advertisements are attached to the exterior of a building using adhesive material or stretched on the wall with anchoring mechanisms. Some Wallscapes incorporate the surrounding areas, such as use of side by side exterior building surfaces, or creative that spills below the wall, onto a sidewalk or parking lot. Wallscapes traditionally stay in place for a longer period than traditional billboards, both because of the involved and custom nature of the creative and because advertisers want to make a long-term impact.

Five Great Reasons To Advertise On Wallscapes

1. Exceptional creative

With size comes options for greater nuance and impact, allowing a full storyline to play out and greater detail with imagery.

2. Little competition

Many wallscapes are located where other more traditional outdoor advertising is otherwise restricted. Advertising on building walls can help you dominate your corner.

3. Big impact

Your eye-catching advertisement can capture the attention of vehicular and urban pedestrian traffic and provide larger than life impact to your brand. 

4. Social media value

People love sharing images of stunning wallscapes on social media. Artist-rendered images may go viral as examples of outstanding melding of the commercial and art mediums.

5. Exceptional reach and frequency

You can target by demographic and reach a large group of people because wallscapes are inescapable. They command the eyes.

Creative Executions

Pacific’s Wallscapes provide endless creative opportunities through their size, location, and, in many cases, the ability to hand paint or add embellishments such as 3D elements, glow-in-the-dark paint, neon tubing, etc. Many of our wallscapes can be hand painted, which allows an advertiser’s message to become a unique part of the city landscape. When skilled artists hand paint directly onto a building, this production can become an attraction in itself, as people are curious about the massive display of urban art.

Seattle Market Coverage:

Pacific’s wallscapes are located in central business districts and important downtown neighborhoods with residential high-rises, galleries, retail, hotels, restaurants, nightlife venues and major stadiums. Pacific Outdoor Advertising provides wallscape mural advertising in several neighborhoods in the downtown Seattle area including:

  • Downtown
  • Pike Place Market
  • Capitol Hill
  • Belltown
  • Seattle Center/Space Needle
  • Stadium District /SODO
  • Ballard, NE Seattle

The Cost of Our Wallscapes

Like the pricing for billboards, the cost of your wallscape will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Location and size
  • Length of marketing campaign
  • Demand for inventory

For specific location pricing and to request a quote for our wallscape space, please call one of our seasoned Sales Executives at 206-536-3600 or email us at

Ready to Increase Your Sales?

If your advertising campaign needs an eye-catching, high impact media format to create immediate attention, build reach, and brand identity in the Seattle market, then contact Pacific Outdoor Advertising today about our wallscape outdoor advertising opportunities at 206-536-3600 or email us at!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Pacific Outdoor Advertising is a top notch company in all facets of the business. The team demonstrates a strong collaborative and innovative spirit by using forward-thinking strategies. It’s clear that Pacific Outdoor prides themselves for being detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless. It is a true pleasure to work with such a talented and trusted team.
Jennifer Varallo
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In the ten years we’ve worked with them they’ve provided phenomenal customer service, responsiveness to requests and come up with some great ideas. They make the process of changing our campaigns easy. They have a tight team who work closely together and with the clients. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
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The professionals at Pacific Outdoor have played a critical role in implementing various Outdoor strategies. They presented us a turnkey experience that delivers the results we expect for our clients. They managed the entire process from creative and production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Pacific Outdoor has also demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
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Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson provides outstanding customer service and support while making us feel like a priority. Pacific Outdoor makes the process so easy and is willing to work with us on budget and timeframes for our campaigns.
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I've worked with Pacific Outdoor for nearly a decade using outdoor media to create leadership positions for our client's brands. I've always felt they understood what we're trying to achieve, bringing expertise and creative solutions to help us succeed. Good people all around.
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Pacific Outdoor took the time to understand our clients changing needs and strategies as people's daily lives began to shift. They helped us to manage the entire process from production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson was quick to respond and always accessible. Our program was seamless and our campaign generated results. Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
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Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times. You guys were great in offering us the bonus locations and have always been very supportive of staying within my budget.
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